Who or what is OIL4KIDS???

To help find a cure from meylin related deseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), and Children who suffer from Hunger, an idea was started in 1996 by two friends from Long Island.
Their internet collaboration started the Oil4kids project. The website www.Oil4kids.com offers information and online catalog sales of Amsoil Synthetic oil and Altrum Products. A portion of the Amsoil catalog sales sold through OIL4KIDS are donated to the Myelin Projectwhich helps to accelerate medical research on myelin repair. Altogether, demyelinating diseases affect an estimated one million people in industrial countries alone. OIL4KIDS also donates a portion of its Amsoil catalog sales to Feed The Children. A portion of the Altrum catalog sales are donated to Hungry Kids International. Oil4kids will continue to donate to these charities from the sales of Amsoil products and is not a short term project. Other childrens charities may be added in the future. WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE UNITED NATIONS OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM

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