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Oil Analysis Kits

The oil analysis process consists of (1) lubricant sampling, (2) laboratory analysis and (3) interpretation of the results to determine the condition of the fluid and the machinery from which the sample was taken. An oil analysis program can provide critical information for any equipment requiring lubricants-both gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, gears, bearings, and hydraulic systems. It's useful for owners of passenger cars, over-the-road fleets, off-highway equipment, boats, or high performance vehicles.

Make the decision to use Oil Analyzers, Inc. (OAI) to test the lubricants in your equipment or fleet and you'll be partnering with the most advanced computerized testing laboratory today's technology has to offer. Simply collect your samples using our sampling kits and mail them in our pre-addressed packages to our lab. Kits are available with or without return postage. Our technical team will do the rest.

Testing is typically completed by the end of the business day following receipt of your sample. Results are reported by fax, mail, or in the case of an impending equipment failure, by telephone. Reports are easy to read and include interpretation and recommendations. 

Product Codes: 
G-1451     1 Sample Kit
G-1452     10 Sample Kits
G-1453     25 Sample Kits
G-1454     50 Sample Kits
G-1455     100 Sample Kits

If you want to buy AMSOIL products, visit the AMSOIL Online Store.